Men only fall in love with me because I am pretty

Long before I joined charlotte London escorts, I had come to realise that men fall in love with me because they think I am pretty. It was kind of tough. I know that sounds silly, but it is true. I was working in this supermarket and all of the male customers kept on flirting with me. The money I was earning was not that great. I started to think about what I could do instead of working in the supermarket, and that is when I came up with the idea of working for London escorts. 


It still took me a couple of months to pick up the phone to a London escorts service. However, it was a lot easier than I thought that it would be. The owner of the escort agency asked me to send in some photos which I did, and before I knew it, I had an interview with him. The first thing he said was that I was very pretty and he thought that I would be a good match for his elite London escorts service which based in central London. 


A couple of weeks later, I started to escort for the first time. Some girls really make a big deal out of working for London escorts. But, I found it to be like going out on a date. Most of the men I met at the London escorts service just wanted to take me out because I was pretty. Before I knew it, a whole bunch of them had fallen in love with me because of my looks. I did not mind that, it felt like I had gained a lot of boyfriends more than just dates.  


I am still working for the same London escorts agency. Most girls don’t stay that long, but I love my job. Yes, I know that I make the most out of my looks. The gents that I date treat me like their little princess. They clearly think that I am very pretty and adorable to look at, and that is why they take me out. I have heard other London escorts complain about the work, but I have no complaints at all. Perhaps I am lucky, or it could be that I am in the right job for me. You don’t have to be stunning to work for London escorts, but I think that it certainly helps to look better than average. 


Will I ever leave London escorts? I am not sure that I really want to leave London escorts. Like I have said to my boss, I am getting such a kick out of escorting. The gentlemen in my little black book spoil me rotten. Not a day goes past without me receiving a special present or getting some special attention. I think that many people still misunderstand London escorts. Sure, there are some cheap tarts at London escorts, but I am not one of them. I like to bring a touch of class to my dates, and from what I can tell, the gentlemen I date really appreciate my special unique assets. Okay men only fall in love with me because I am pretty, but I don’t mind that at all. A girl has to make the most of what she has got.  

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